-To request a service follow the steps below:
Open the Urembo app> tap on any service under ‘’Shop Our Services’’

Click ‘’ Book Now’’

Select date and time of appointment

Click ‘’Confirm’’

  • Once service is done to your satisfactory, go back to the app
  • On the menu in the top left corner and select ‘’My appointments’’
  • Confirm Payment
  • Click ‘’Pay now’’
  • Enter Mpesa phone number
  • Enter pin
  • Click ok
  • SMS notification from service provider

To request a product follow the steps below:
Open the Urembo app> tap on any product under ‘’Shop by Category’’

Click on the preferred product

Click ‘’Add to Cart’’

Click on the Cart icon-top right corner

Select location or location options

Confirm location and click ‘’Continue’’

Click ‘’ Place Order’’

Confirm on details including address

‘’Save and Continue

Confirm whether express order or not and Click ‘’Place Order’’

Click ‘’Pay Now’’

Enter Mpesa phone number and continue to enter pin

SMS notification from service provider

To become an Urembo-merchant, please fill out a form on the website www.urembo.hub

Urembo (beauty in Swahili) is an ecommerce mobile based platform that brings together beauty professionals, beauty hubs and merchants to sell products and deliver services across Kenya.

The platform allows customers to find and virtually book appointments for beauty services, to shop using a mobile cart for all the listed beauty products with delivery to clients’ doorstep, creating a seamless shopping experience. Users can also discover which beauty products that are trending and new while scrolling through the feed.

The app is available for use by all customers who have a smartphone and would wish to buy beauty products and services.

 Please send an email to info@urembo.hub or call our customer service number +254797042047

Download the Urembo Hub app on Google play store Today and experience Beauty with Convenience.

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